ENKI AMG-2 Guitar Case

Whether you call them your "Babies" or your "Axes", we know how important your guitars are to you.  The ENKI AMG-2 Guitar Case is specifically designed to protect your guitars no matter what's thrown at them.


ENKI AMG-2 Electric Bass Case

A Bomber 2 Bass Guitar or 2 Extended Scale Length Guitar Case solution for, "The Keepers of the Low End".  Double up on your Big Guitar Rig with the ENKI AMG-2 Bass Case. 


ENKI AMG-2 Bow Case

Double Bow Case for those who, "Live by the Bow".   High level archers demand quality and consistency from their equipment. Setting up your bow is an investment in time and money. Protect your investment with the ENKI AMG-2 Bow Case.


ENKI Icon Lightweight Hoodie

Dress it up or rock it with flops.  The ENKI Icon Lightweight Hoodie the go-to hoodie for any occasion!

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ENKI Icon Wool Flat Brim Hat

When style is your thing, rock a ENKI Icon Flat Brim Hat.

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ENKI Icon T-Shirt

The ENKI Icon T-shirt.  Bam!  It's a sweet Tee.

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My ENKI case is incredibly durable and light weight. This is an intelligent design that takes a beating and keeps my signature guitars safe from travel.  If you don't have one, get one now! 

Paul Nelson-

I have toured the world over and these are by far the best cases I've ever used.